This is an appeal asking you to donate towards costs of keeping this centre which you have been using We have re-worked what we do, with the lowest possible costs, and we have sharpened our focus on the pro-active things we needs to do.

Just to give you an idea: Even at this frugal level, it costs (as per 2013-2014 accounts) CED Rs. 13412/- per working day. And last year only Rs. 80000/- of it came from project work, Rs. 48280/- from services fees and Rs. 11,90,434/- from returns on investments. The balance is actually depleting our reserves. And like many other organisations, we have been going through a resource crunch.

While we are trying to monetise some of the space and e-facilities at CED, we also appeal to you to contribute either towards our corpus and/or towards our information centre expenses, which will help us the bridge the resource gap.

CED Team.