Learnings about Improving Education

(Notes and References from documentation for NGOs and Teachers)
John D’Souza, Tanvi Patel and CED DocumentationTeam


This book is about Learning. Learning about Learning – Improving Education. Complied as it is by documentalists, as opposed to a researcher, information activists as opposed to academicians, it focuses more on documenting all the major ideas, and processes on Improving the quality of education rather than being original. The main idea is to share the ideas, and introduce the reader to the various articles, and books, and other material on the subject.

It has been complied for the Sir Ratan Tata Trust, with the hope that it will be of use to current and prospective partners, of the Trust, and help deepen their involvement in improve the quality of education.

Some of the ideas have been put forward sharply in order to provoke thinking or rather rethinking.

Al the documents referred to are available at CED library and the CED access code have been indicated, so that the reader can easily locate. Substantial chunks of the references have also been digitized thanks to a programme SRTT grant, and are therefore available on CED website.

This volume is accompanied by a CD, which has a collection of a large number of documents on various aspects of. Education. It is meant as a resource guide and library on all major issues relating to Education. In this part of the exercise, we have put together as many references as possible within the time available to us, and digitized the content, so that all practitioners can have easy and ready access to the wide range of what is considered non-book material on the subject. We hope to process and re-organised this as well as new material on all these issues, in later project.

We know that we are addressing people who are already very knowledgeable as well as experiences in the field, and therefore do not pretend to be lecturing or saying something new… the effort is to put thing together, so that it only helps all of us in the field of education, take our mission forward.

We are grateful to Pankaja Kulabkar, and Arun Pandhi of SRTT for their comments and suggestions on the book.

John D’Souza