The huts, bereft of basic civic amenities, are the homes of thousands of workers employed in the industrial units down these hills.
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The government had in the last Budget reworked the provisions doing away with the two-tier benefit of a 5-year tax holiday and a deduction of 30 per cent of the profits for the next 10 years. Instead, it had clubbed the benefits under an omnibus 10-year tax holiday. The justification for the move was that infrastructure projects needed a longer gestation period to become profitable and hence a 30 per cent profit deduction after five years of commencing work did not make sense.
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Rent control has the effect of partially allienating the property owner from his rights. While the tenant has unlimited use rights he has limited rights to manage or at times transfer the property...
As the Supreme Court recently observed in the Kerala Rent Case, where even the Delhi Rent Act was extensively discussed, uprooting of a trading outlet does not only result in closing of business, but deprives him and his family of the only source of living their rozi-roti...
Rent control laws exercise a negative impact on the housing investment and housing supply. They create a high vacancy in the existing housing stock and reduce opportunities for securitisation of mortgage.
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The Assembly today passed the West Bengal Premises Tenancy (Amendment) Bill, 2002, by a voice vote...
For houses constructed in or before 1984, the formula for calculating the fair rent rate for residential purposes is based on the period of tenancy. For example, where a tenancy has continued for 20 years or more, the rate will be the rent charged as on July 1, 1976, plus three times that amount. That is, if the rent was Rs. 100, it will now be Rs. 400.
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