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How land and amenities are going into private hands

Reduction in the cost of acquisition of land for public purposes would enable so much more of
 public funds to be released for purposes of investment in development works and reduce the overall
 cost of developed land and finished assets/goods like housing for the public at large.
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The government must not hand over the entire housing project to private builders as proposed in the
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Four projects worth Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) will be undertaken under the Mumbai Urban
Infrastructure Project that is to be implemented in three parts by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Development Authority's and completed by 2006...
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However, more than investments what is really required is a thorough overhaul of the operational
systems. Port managers must run it as a commercial business for which professionals have to be
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The Government on Thursday gave in-principle approval for modernising the Delhi and Mumbai airports through the privatisation route..
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About use of public funds for private sector funding and use of domestic finance for international investment.
Nationalised privatisation and other paradoxes of reform-Narender Pani /eldoc/f00_/15feb02et.htm

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