The Long and Winding Road
from Structural Change to Structural Transformation
A Backgrounder on NGOs and People's Movements
by Walter Mendoza and John D'Souza
Price:  Rs. 250/- [English] Rs.150/- [Hindi] US $ 15 outside India  Pages: 99 (Fulscap) Paperback  Print 2002
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This book is written to bring to the reader the background of the key issues that concern NGOs and point to readings and references available at CED. This book is a part of a personal journey, an exploration, of what NGOs have been attempting to do during the past three to four decades

Also available in Hindi

Background to Globalisation
by Avinash Jha
Price: Rs. 150/-  US $10 outside India   Pages: 180   Paperback   Print 2000 Reprint 2001

Also available in Hindi.

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Globalisation has intensified the domination of societies by considerations of economy and state power.   This book traces this trend from the beginnings of modern world and documents the emergence of the U.S.-led global system after the second world war.  The most visible aspects of globalisation today are the explosion of the financial markets and the so-called information revolution.

 LETS Make it happen
a CED Backgrounder on Alternative Economics
by Rajni Bakshi
Price: Rs. 30/-  Pages: 44   Paperback Print 2003

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Lets make it happen, is a plea for creating collective economic institutions including community currency, development of local markets and bio-mass based industry. It is a backgrounder on Alternative economics for activists and social workers, which says, TAMA: There Are Many Alternatives, to mainstream Globalisation and to an economics which continuously marginalises the poor

An Economics for Well-Being
By Rajni Bakshi, Price Rs.180/-(India) US$16 outside India. Paperback. Print 2007.

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An Economics for Well-Being focuses on the kinds of economic structures that could truly revitalize and enrich people at all levels of society.

The thinking in the 'New Economics' stream is an important aspect of the global quest for systems that are socially just and ecologically sound.

The ultimate purpose, well-being of all citizens, may seem to be very far in the future. Yet, as this backgrounder shows, there are a wide range of initiatives in the here and now which are the next few steps helping us to move in that direction.

This backgrounder will help inform and enliven the process of making breakthroughs in our systems of production, technology, exchange of goods and, above all, the meaning and uses of wealth.

Rajni Bakshi is an activist cum journalist and a long time associate of Centre for Education and Documentation.

 Changing the Stream
A Backgrounder on the Women's Movement in India
by Shubha Chacko
Price: Rs. 190/-  US $12 outside India  Pages: 163  Paperback  Print 2001
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This publication outlines the nature and constituents of the Movement, as also its engagement with the State, with various institutions and its bid to influence and rewrite agendas. It captures the various strands that make up the women's movement and proceeds to look at where we are now before finally setting out some of the challenges facing us.

Vulnerability Assessment: Urban Communities and Climate Change: Pilot study

CED took up this short-term study that focuses on the vulnerability of urban marginalized communities to Climate Change.  We felt the need to

- understand what constitutes urban vulnerability in the context of climate change

- identify the links between general environmental degradation and urban vulnerability

- understand people's responses and capabilities.


 The study was deemed to be at three levels – a family level, a neighbourhood level and with certain specific occupational groups who directly or indirectly impact the global climate change phenomenon. The questionnaires were based on the outcomes that were previously enumerated through a brainstorming with the team and revised a number of times. The research design, Enumeration of the outcomes was put into place for the vulnerability study.


I   Issues & Themes

II  Methodology of the study

III People & Livelihood

IV Habitat

Civic Amenities

VI Perceptions, Impacts & Coping mechanism to Climate Change

VII Learnings from the study

Rethinking Universities for Development intermediaries, innovation and inclusion
This volume is a compilation of  papers presented  and consequent discussions at the concluding research meeting  of the Universities and  Intermediaries for Inclusive Innovation and Development (UNIID) South Asian Network, Organised on the theme "Rethinking universities in India: Intermediaries for Socially Inclusive development"  on January 8-9 2013, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Edited by: Prof. Shambu Prasad, John DSouza

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 Voices of Vulnerability Choices for Change edited by John D'Souza

Voices of Vulnerability,Choices for Change is a coming together of vulnerability assessment studies done by INECC partners in different eco-regions among the marginalised communities.`


The choices for Change indicated by the Voices in the studies across eco-regions, call for protection and regeneration of natural resources, upgrading and up scaling of zero carbon practices and building capacities and governance based on local economies. Youth in all the eco-regions are now more educated but need eco-system related modern livelihoods in the form of adding value to local produce processing value added services etc.

Mirror Image: The Media and the Women's Question
by Vimal Balasubrahmanyan, Price: Rs. 175/- (HB) Rs.75/- (PB)

 Published in 1988, this book is an effort at examining the    issue of women and the media in the wake of the activities of the women's movement.  The study concentrates mainly on the English language print-media - newspapers and mass circulation magazines - from early 1980s to around September 1987, with a brief look at television and just a glance at cinema and at advertising.


Table of Contents:

I.    Light & Shade

II.   Virtual Image

III.   Lateral Inversion

IV.   Face to Face

V.    The Audience Strikes back

VI.   The Great Spin-off

VII.   With a View to Change

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