Water infrastructure in Urban India: commodify or communitize?
Green Homes: Sustainable Living
A talk/presentation by Chandrashekar Hariharan, BCIL (Bio-diversity Conservation India Limited)

Recorded on April 2006, Brussels & Paris

Part I- From mineral water to packaged drinking water, water has come a long way from being freely available to a commodity with a brand name. However several attempts are being made to change this trend and to communitize water. BCIL has taken one such initiative to communitize water.

Part II- Heard of an entire community dedicated to sustainability?
"Sustainable practices begin at home" and what better could it be if you had the option of building your home keeping the principles of sustainable livelihood in view! From eco-friendly ACs to specially designed "sustainable refrigerators;it's all possible! BCIL is building communities through some simple and adoptable sustainable practices.

Chandrashekar Hariharan, Director, Biodiversity Conservation India Limited & Alternate Technology Foundation, Bangalore