An Economics for Well-Being
By Rajni BakshiPrice Rs.180/-(India) US$16 outside India. Paperback. Print 2007.

An Economics for Well-Being focuses on the kinds of economic structures that could truly revitalize and enrich people at all levels of society.

The thinking in the 'New Economics' stream is an important aspect of the global quest for systems that are socially just and ecologically sound.

The ultimate purpose, well-being of all citizens, may seem to be very far in the future. Yet, as this backgrounder shows, there are a wide range of initiatives in the here and now which are the next few steps helping us to move in that direction.

This backgrounder will help inform and enliven the process of making breakthroughs in our systems of production, technology, exchange of goods and, above all, the meaning and uses of wealth.

Rajni Bakshi is an activist cum journalist and a long time associate of Centre for Education and Documentation.

Table of Contents

1. Historical Context of New Economics

2. The Road to Wealth Beyond measure:Some Basic New Economics Concepts

3. The rise of New Economics Activism

3. New Economics in the Indian Context

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