Background to Globalisation
by Avinash Jha

Price: Rs. 150/-  US $10 outside India   Pages: 180   Paperback   Print 2000 Reprint 2001
Also available in Hindi.

Globalisation has intensified the domination of societies by considerations of economy and state power.   This book traces this trend from the beginnings of modern world and documents the emergence of the U.S.-led global system after the second world war.  The most visible aspects of globalisation today are the explosion of the financial markets and the so-called information revolution.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Globalisation, Markets and Changing lives
Chapter II: Origins of the modern global Economy in Europe
Chapter III: Philosophies of Progress
Chapter IV: The Rise of the U S Led Global Economy
Chapter V : The Crises in the world Economy and the Emergence of Globalisation
Chapter VI: The Globalised World

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