LETS Make it happen
a CED Backgrounder on Alternative Economics
by Rajni Bakshi
Price: Rs. 30/-  Pages: 44   Paperback Print 2003

Lets make it happen, is a plea for creating collective economic institutions including community currency, development of local markets and bio-mass based industry. It is a backgrounder on Alternative economics for activists and social workers, which says, TAMA: There Are Many Alternatives, to mainstream Globalisation and to an economics which continuously marginalises the poor


Table of Contents:

Section I : Towards a New Economics: The struggle against TINA is firstly conceptual and thus begins with challenging some of the basic assumptions of classical economics.

Section II: Market Fundamentalism

The nature and functioning of the modern market lies at the heart of the crisis precipitated by the prevailing form of globalisation.

Section III: New Money

Paper money in the bank is quated with wealth rather than tangibles like natural resources that actually sustain life.

Section IV: Going Local

Cosmopolitian Localism, which is not a cloaked parachialism, involves new approaches to evaluating real wealth creating sustainability and promoting true peace and international security.

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