The Long and Winding Road
from Structural Change to Structural Transformation
A Backgrounder on NGOs and People's Movements
by Walter Mendoza and John D'Souza
Price:  Rs. 250/- [English] Rs.150/- [Hindi] US $ 15 outside India  Pages: 99 (Fulscap) Paperback  Print 2002
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This book is written to bring to the reader the background of the key issues that concern NGOs and point to readings and references available at CED. This book is a part of a personal journey, an exploration, of what NGOs have been attempting to do during the past three to four decades

Also available in Hindi

Table of contents:

The struggle for Structural Change

The Widespread Assertion of Subaltern Identities

NGOs and Structural Change

People's Struggles

Non-Party Political Processes

Impact of the Structural Change Agenda

NGOs become a Sector

Is the Left Right?

Growth and Professionalism

What is Voluntary about NGOs?

The Many Paths Chosen

Where NGOs Fear to Tread

Growing Up Pains

Aid in the Time of Structural Adjustment

Livelihoods-Delivery Problems

Aid and Self Reliance

Delivery Systems of the NIneties

Delivery systems of the 2000s

At the Crossroads

The Need for a New Over-Arching Theory

Environment as if People mattered

Contribution of the Women's Movement

The Peace Movement

The Transformation Paradigm

Transformation of the NGO

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