Vulnerability Assessment: Urban Communities and Climate Change: Pilot study

CED took up this short-term study that focuses on the vulnerability of urban marginalized communities to Climate Change.  We felt the need to

- understand what constitutes urban vulnerability in the context of climate change

- identify the links between general environmental degradation and urban vulnerability

- understand people's responses and capabilities.

The study was deemed to be at three levels – a family level, a neighbourhood level and with certain specific occupational groups who directly or indirectly impact the global climate change phenomenon. The questionnaires were based on the outcomes that were previously enumerated through a brainstorming with the team and revised a number of times. The research design, Enumeration of the outcomes was put into place for the vulnerability study.


I   Issues & Themes

II  Methodology of the study

III People & Livelihood

IV Habitat

V  Civic Amenities

VI Perceptions, Impacts & Coping mechanism to Climate Change

VII Learnings from the study