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National Adivasi Alliance is a national net work of Adivasis and organisations working with adivasis on adivasis livilihood issues and cultural identity issues.Working in 8 statges. Website: [[1]]

Workshop on


Building community-based global coalition for community rights

- Indigenous traditional occupations & customary land tenure

as sustainable use and community conservation of biodiversity

On Sunday 14th of October 2012 at - 14.00.Pm in 'People’s Biodiversity Festival: Unity for Diversity’ Venue: The Exhibition Grounds, Nampalli, Hyderabad

I. Adivasis & Biodiversity (10.00-13.00). Workshop on community rights to sustained indigenous use of Earth's biodiversity through indigenous traditional occupations and land & forest use/tenure

A) Community rights to shifting cultivation 10.00 Subash/Rabindra Majhi: Kutia view on podu cultivation, comment by Sabitri Patra 10.20 Sukhram/Somaru Baiga: Baiga view on bewar cultivation, a comment by Indu Netam 10.50 Bishu Kesan/Jamira Majhi: Panga view on podu cultivation, a comment by Satyanarayan Pattnaik

B) Community rights to gathering-related traditional occupations 11.10 Kayam Pandudora : Koya view on Podu/Kumki cultivation, a comment by Raajen Singh 11.30 Birju Ram Pardhi: Pardhi view on gathering and bamboo work, a comment by Suman Koreti 12.00 Ramji Gameti: Bhil view on gathering of & healing by herbs, a comment by Ganesh Purohit

C) Community rights to indigenous community conserved areas 12.20 Xavier Kujur: Oraon view on community conserved forest / Save the Forest Movement 12.35 Pablo Solon: Focus on Global South view on Rights of Mother Earth 12.35 Ms. Bhudevi A.P. 12.50 Discussion 13.00 Conclusion & Lunch break Organised by National Adivasi Alliance/ Andolan, with INSAF, ANTHRA and Focus on Global South

Building community-based global coalition for community rights

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